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Talya Mendoza is a Junior Danger Ranger in the episode "Go Games." She is a giraffe calf with stripes whose assignment (like her classmates') is to do a presentation (of any medium) on her favorite heroes, preferably something new to learn, and the Danger Rangers themselves are her choice, especially Burt. She is also good friends with Henrik. Henrik often tells her jokes.

After leaving school on her bike with her friend Jodie on hers, Talya, accompanied by her parents, talks to the Danger Rangers via transmission video, and explains the project.

While Talya attempts to do some recording on safety rules from the Rangers, the villains, Chancy McSpill and Duncan loosen the back wheel on her bike. Being a big fanatic of movies like Talya, Burt attempts to do some filming for her with fancy gadgets and his new hovercam. Eventually, Talya is not interested. Burble reveals to Burt why not, so he plans to make up with her at the Go Games.

However, Talya, a fan of Chancy (unaware then that he and Duncan were the same bad guys), uses her hovercam, only to find out he was the bad guy, as he has removed his helmet and he and Duncan discuss their actions and future plan, and exposes it to SAVO, who then exposes it on the big screen to the crowd and the Rangers.

When Gabriella and Squeeky try to stop a cycling-out-of-control Duncan with a net, they miss, so Fallbot tries to come up with something, only for a dark blue fluid to come out of his ears and have Duncan spin rapidly to a slippery stop.

Burt apologizes to Talya for his actions, and she forgives him, tells him he is still her favorite, and kisses his cheek.

Then she appears on stage with the games announcer and ultimately films the Rangers giving the cheaters a survey before every event's redo.

Talya is voiced by Cassie Boyd Baker.

Appearances Edit

  • Go Games (first appearance)