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"Take A Hike" is one of the Season 2 cancelled episodes of Danger Rangers.

Because this was cancelled, everything listed is only hypothetical.

(Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's.)

Synopsis Edit

The Danger Rangers are going on a mountain for camping trip, but something bad is happening, the weather was unpredictable. It's up to Burt, Fallbot and Henrik to save the day!

Plot Edit

The Danger Rangers were getting ready for their camping trip in the mountains. Kitty checks the weather and says that the weather was just right. Burble wasn't sure enough. After checking the weather, everyone is geared up and ready to go.


Characters Edit

(Any ideas about the characters)

  • (Villain or any other kind of, like, Octodon or Quentin)
  • (Any ideas what's the alligator's name)
  • (Any ideas about the kids)

Songs Edit

(Any ideas about the songs)

  • Down in the Valley
  • Home on the Range
  • Country Roads

Burt's Inventions Edit

Machine Edit

(Any ideas about the machine)

Miscellaneous Edit

(Any ideas about the miscellaneous)

Locations Edit

(Any ideas about the locations)

  • (What's the name of the camp?)
  • (What's the name of the mountain?)

Transcript Edit

(Any ideas to write a script)

Chapter 1




(Any ideas who's playing the chess? Burt? Henrik? Someone?)

Burble: (?)

Sully: (?)

Squeeky: (?)

Henrik: (?)

SAVO: (?)

Burt: (?)

Kitty: (?)

Gabriela: (?)

Fallbot: (?)

Chapter 2

(Kids name):

Sergeant Al:






Chapter 3




Chapter 4




Relevant Lessons Not Taught Edit

(Any ideas)

Trivia Edit

  • The Danger Rangers play chess in the beginning of the episode.
  • It is revealed that Kitty can wrestle an alligator with her bare hands.
  • Sully has a Decibulls poster in his room.

Gallery Edit

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