Squeaky as Max Toupee

Squeeky is a mouse and member of the Danger Rangers. This pint-sized hero loves cheese and is often sarcastic. He even throws cheese at Savo when he seems to annoy the former.

He may be the smallest Danger Ranger, but he is also the loudest. Good things come in small packages. He has a distinctive Brooklyn accent. His catchphrase is "Hey, I'm working here!"

Whenever he flies in the hovership, he has to ride in a rear-facing seat because (despite being an adult) he is under 20 pounds (as mentioned and shown in "Mission 547: Safety Rules!"

Squeeky mentions in "Be Prepared" that he is Burble's roommate.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He has a crush on Gabriela.
  • Squeeky has a big heart.
  • Squeaky has a bad relationship with SAVO. But sometimes, they both get along well. SAVO also calls him by his name.
  • His favorite food is cheese.
  • His favorite color is yellow.


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Squeeky as he looks in his normal uniform.

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Squeeky (right) alongside his driver Pauley in "The Great Race"

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