Derek and Scott is a upcoming spin-off series of Danger Rangers.

Coming soon in 2010's (18 or 19) or 2020's (20, 21, 22, or 23) to Nick Jr.

Synopsis Edit

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Derek and Scott are the heroes of Junior Danger Rangers and they are here to save the day with their friends.

Episodes Edit

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Season 1

  1. The Color of Safety
  2. The Nutcracker Sweet
  3. Sensei Derek
  4. The Curse of the Spooky Mask
  5. Super Derek and Mighty Scott
  6. And the Winner Is
  7. Derek's New Hat
  8. The Great Vacation
  9. Hotel Hijinks
  10. Fourth of July Jamboree
  11. Baby Octopus Rescue
  12. Twisted Tail
  13. Derek's Birthday Surprise
  14. Taste Like Chicken
  15. Shopping Spree
  16. Play Time
  17. Love Thy Neighbor
  18. Above the Law
  19. Rock Heroes
  20. Scott the Babysitter
  21. Werewolf Trouble
  22. O Sole Minnow
  23. Canvasanova

Season 2

  1. Nightmare on Safety Street
  2. The Blink Game
  3. Carnival Chaos
  4. Derek's New Dancing Shoes
  5. Patchwork Scott
  6. Big Top Buddies
  7. Calling All Shepherds
  8. Scotland Ho!
  9. Kristoff's Wish
  10. Doctor Derek
  11. No Laughing Matter
  12. The Fairy Tale Wedding Day
  13. The Troll Who Cried Giant
  14. The Troll and the Dragon
  15. Got Game?
  16. Troll Overboard

Season 3

  1. Silly Willy Day
  2. Troll on a Shelf
  3. Jungle Mission
  4. Cyber Problems
  5. Fire Rangers to the Rescue
  6. Kristoff's Silent Day
  7. Tour de Africa
  8. Roderick's Swimming Lesson

Characters Edit

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Main Characters

  • Roderick, a Scottish goat who is one of Derek and Scott's friends. Voiced by Walt Dohrn.
  • Danny, an Australian ferret who is laid back and easygoing. Voiced by Hugh Jackman.


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