A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers

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The Danger Rangers put on a play based on Sleeping Beauty.


It was a lovely spring morning, the Danger Rangers had a cheerful mood today. They smell fresh spring flowers, listening to the birds singing, seeing beautiful butterflies fluttered around, feel cool breezes in the air, sun shining in the sky, seeing an elegant white swans, ducks and geese gliding through the lake, and more.

One day, Sully read newspaper that says the auditorium in Los Angeles is going to have any plays. The team decided to enter the play. They’re all excited because they love dramas, actors, actresses, operas, been a stars and many more. The team will put a fairy tale, but which one?

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  • I Wonder
  • Once Upon a Dream

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Sully: Let’s put on a play, everyone. (Everyone is excited)

Fallbot: What kind of play are we going to put on, Sully? (Everyone made their own decision)

Henrik: How about Jack and the Beanstalk, ja?

Everyone: No way, Henrik.

Sully: We want something magical like fairy tales for instance.

Squeaky: Hercules?

Burble: Naah, Squeaky.

Burt: How about Sleeping Beauty?

Kitty: Yes! I can play Sleeping Beauty myself. Pretty please?

All: Sure Kitty.

Henrik: And someone should wake Kitty from the evil fairy's spell.

(Everyone laughs.)

Sully: I can wake Kitty and break the evil fairy’s spell.

Kitty: You mean you'll be the prince?

Henrik: Ja, Sully would make a perfect prince.

Sully: You really think so?

All: Yes.

Sully: Well, okay and who’s going to play the six good fairies?

Squeaky, Gabriela, Henrik, Alisha, Fran Teek, Alice Buckster: We can.

Sully: All right, who will be the wicked fairy?

Talya Mendoza: I can. I'm great at acting!

Sully: Okay, and who will be the king and queen? The parents of Princess Aurora.

Kareen: That would be me.

Mickey: And me!

Alisha: Each of us will give Princess Kittyrora lovely fairy gifts.

Kitty: Ooh, I will love that!

Alisha: My fairy gift will be beauty because she’ll be beautiful as butterfly and rose.

Alice Buckster: My fairy gift will be the happiness because she’ll be happiest princess of all.

Fran Teek: My gift will be a sweet dreams so she doesn’t get nightmares.

Gabriela: My fabulous fairy gift will be romantic because

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  • The Danger Rangers put on a play.
  • Sully impersonated Bobcat Goldwhait in his role of the Prince, Kitty is Princess Aurora.
  • In this play episode, each fairy gives Princess Kittyrora beautiful presents are:

Alisha: The gift of beauty

Alice Buckster: The gift of happiness.

Fran Teek: The gift of sweet dreams.

Gabriela: The gift of romantic.

Henrik: The gift of music and dance.

Squeaky: The gift of