A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers

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The Danger Rangers put on a play based on Sleeping Beauty.


Once upon a time, the Danger Rangers enjoyed a beautiful spring break. They were preparing for their favorite play “Sleeping Beauty”. As everyone agreed on their roles, Kitty decides to take a shower. After her shower, Kitty decides to make a fake spinning wheel to complete with a spindle for the play. Burt uses his copy machine make the copies for everyone’s lines to practice, Burble, Fallbot, Squeaky, and Henrik create the sets and scenes, Sully and Gabriela make the costumes and accessories, and Kitty find her Disney Princess Aurora costume in her closet, a tiara and a necklace in her jewelry box from her bedroom. Suddenly, Kitty heard a loud crash. Henrik got trapped under the castle set. At least he wasn't injured after the Danger Rangers helped him up. Burble and Fallbot reset the castle set again. Fallbot put a castle flags, fake chandelier, painting the clouds for the final scene, forest scene, evil scene, and more. As everyone finish the costumes, accessories, sets, scenes, and everything, they decided to practice their lines. After they practice their lines, everyone will take a break for a few minutes.

After a few minutes break, everyone gets back to work. Kitty’s costume had a huge hole on it. She asked Gabriela and Sully to mend her costume. They did so and Kitty's costume was as good as new. As everyone continued practice their play for every week before the show, it gets better and better.

Squeaky puts his pixie costume on. He makes sure that the costume is fit properly, and made some small alterations. Henrik decides to help him out. Meanwhile, Burble, Burt, and Fallbot almost completely the sets and scenes for play and they decided to go to the dressing room to try on their own costumes. Sully and Gabriela handed the costumes and accessories to them. Sully and Gabriela is still making their own costumes. Kitty practice her lines perfectly.

Everyone’s costumes is fitted and neatly. Sully and Gabriela is almost done with their costumes and accessories. They both went to the backstage dressing room to get fit.

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  • I Wonder
  • Once Upon a Dream

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Sully: Let’s put on a play, everyone. (Everyone is excited)

Fallbot: What kind of play are we going to put on, Sully? (Everyone made their own decision)

Henrik: How about Jack and the Beanstalk, ja?

Everyone: No way, Henrik.

Sully: We want something magical like fairy tales for instance.

Squeaky: Hercules?

Burble: Naah, Squeaky.

Burt: How about Sleeping Beauty?

Kitty: Yes! I can play Sleeping Beauty myself, please?

Henrik: And someone should wake Kitty from the evil fairy's spell.

Everyone laughs.

Sully: I can wake Kitty and break the evil fairy’s spell.

Kitty: You mean you'll be the prince?

Henrik: Ja, Sully would make a perfect prince.

Sully: You really think so?

All: Yes.

Sully: Well, okay and who’s going to play the three pixies?

Squeaky, Gabriela, and Henrik: We can.

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  • The Danger Rangers put on a play.
  • Sully impersonated Bobcat Goldwhait in his role of the Prince, Kitty is Princess Aurora,