SAVO Profile
SAVO is the Danger Rangers' artificial intelligence. He gives the Danger Rangers their mission. The Danger Rangers all own Savo watches which act as walkie-talkies, have built in tools, and they are able to talk to Savo with them. Savo's identity was never shown. However, his voice was always heard by the people all around him.

Oddly, in "Be Prepared," he is shown to be an artificial satellite. As mentioned at the end of "Where the Fun Never Stops," he never falls asleep. Savo is never heard singing, not even in the stories proper.

The name Savo is an acronym, as mentioned in "Mission 547: Safety Rules!", for it stands for "Safety Alert Vectometer."

Savo and Squeaky are usually in bad terms, or so they act, as Savo rubs something into Squeaky's face, to so much annoyance that Squeeky "cheeses" him, meaning he throws cheese at the monitor representing Savo, much to his dismay. For apparently no reason, twice in the show ("Mission 547: Safety Rules!" and "Fires and Liars") Squeeky calls him "Slave-o," which he corrects with another act of name-calling in retaliation. Oddly, no correction is made in "Dog Days" when Squeeky (as Max Toupee) uses that pet peeve. He gets Squeaky's name right.

Savo does once express concern for Squeeky in "Where the Fun Never Stops" when the former can't keep watch for the latter due to a generator's force field. It shows that Savo and Squeaky are good friends.

Savo is voiced by the late Jonathan Harris  in the pilot, and Charlie Adler in every episode else.

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