A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers


It's the annual Western themed Jam Festival, but all of the fruit has been stolen by rustlers! The Danger Rangers must lure the rustlers away and bring them to Mayor of Digger's gold. Mayor of Digger's gold will put the rustlers to justice.

Plot Edit

The animal friends, Sully, Kitty, Burt, Burble, Gabriela, Squeaky, and Henrik including their robot friend, Fallbot are getting ready for their Western vacation. They’re off to Texas.

Once they reached Texas, the Jam Festival preparations are in session.

Meanwhile, Fallbot becomes a Junior Woodchuck, so he joins the Junior Woodchuck members. Along the way, he meets his new friends, Adam, Bruce, Carlos, Ed, Jay, Linden, Annabella, Ashley, Chrysanthemum, Sapphire, Daisy, and Polly. The friends told Fallbot the Junior Woodchucks is having a annual Junior Woodchuck Jamboree at the campsite in Texas.

Fallbot was excited. He got his camping supplies such as three bottles of sunscreen, bug sprays, flashlight with packed batteries, backpack, a compass, sleeping bag, water bottles, sun protection hat, hiking clothes, binoculars, night clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, soap, small towel, swimming clothes, snorkel, pillow, notebook pens and pencils, gloves, camera, hiking boots, box of first aid kit, sleep mask, umbrella, jacket, raincoat, scarf, clothes, sunglasses, shampoo, and men deodorant, cologne, chapsticks, and watch. Fallbot wears a Junior Woodchuck scout uniform. He had no badges yet. His new friends called him when it’s time to go to the Junior Woodchuck Jamboree campsite by riding the Junior Woodchuck camp bus. Fallbot got his travel bags including camping supplies and head to the bus along with his friends and the other Junior Woodchuck scout members. The bus drove to the campsite.

Back to the Danger Rangers, they’re still at the Jam Festival. They enjoyed the Western summer vacation. They’re wearing cowboy outfits including cowgirl outfits for Kitty and Gabriela along with hats on their heads. They were hunting for gold down by the river at the Texas canyons. Suddenly, something caught Gabriela's eye. Footprints were scattered along the trek. Kitty guessed that there were rustlers around the area and she warns everybody to be careful.

Back to Fallbot, he arrives at the campsite with everyone. Right in the middle of his hike along with his new friends, he hears a strange sound. It sounded like rustlers. He decides to contact the other Danger Rangers.

The team receive a messages from Fallbot. They all read the messages, there are rustlers out there during his hiking trip with his new friends.

Sully told Fallbot he and the team will keep an eye on the rustlers. Fallbot will help by tracking the rustlers using his SAVO unit.

Fallbot’s camp adventure continues. During the campsite, Fallbot, his new friends the other Junior Woodchuck scouts had fun activities in the camp such as swimming in the lake, playing sports including archery, scavenger hunts, kayaking, canoeing, art projects, hiking, bird & animal watching, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the mess hall, making s’mores around the campfire, seeing shooting stars at night, telling scary stories, sleep in the tents or cabins and many more. Apparently, Fallbot got scared by one of his scary stories.

The Danger Rangers still waits for Fallbot's news whether he had seen any rustlers out there in his camping trip. Then Fallbot calls them with his SAVO unit that he had seen some suspicious looking characters. Fallbot told them he found some mysterious paw prints during his horseback ride journey.

Characters Edit

  • The Danger Rangers themselves
  • Adam
  • Bruce
  • Carlos
  • Ed
  • Jay
  • Linden
  • Annabella
  • Ashley
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Sapphire
  • Daisy
  • Polly
  • Mayor of Digger’s gold

Locations Edit

  • Texas
  • Western City
  • Saloon
  • Junior Woodchuck Jamboree Campsite

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Camp Supplies
  • Compass
  • Junior Woodchuck scout badges

Songs Edit

  • Turkey in the Straw
  • Don't Fence Me In
  • Nashville Cats
  • Work Together (a song of Fallbot and his new friends)


Fallbot: Whoopee, I’m an honorary Junior Woodchuck Scout member.

Bruce: We’re so glad you've come to join us, Fallbot, in our Junior Woodchuck Scout troop.

(Fallbot’s new friends are excited that he’s a new scout member.)

Daisy: Welcome, Fallbot. (As she handed Fallbot the offical scout uniform.)

Fallbot: Thank you, Daisy. (As he put his scout uniform on.)

(The other Danger Rangers were happy for him as he joined the scout troop.)

(Sully gave Fallbot a SAVO unit for his camping trip.)

Sully: Fallbot, we're proud of you. SAVO will keep track on any dangers around you during your camping trip.

Henrik: Ja, good luck, Fallbot!

Fallbot: Thank you, all of you.

Burble: Hurry, Fallbot, the bus will be leaving in 12 minutes. (As he gave Fallbot his travel bag which includes camping supplies and water bottles.)

Fallbot: Okay, Burble. (As he grabbed his travel bag and camping supplies. He heads toward the bus.)

Kitty: Wait, Fallbot, we have something for you. (As she handed a shoe box to Fallbot.)

(Fallbot opened the shoe box lid, inside it was his very own hiking boots)

Fallbot: Thank you, Kitty. I’ll take good care of it, along with my SAVO unit. (He enters the bus.)

Kitty: You’re welcome, Fallbot.

All: Bye, Fallbot, have a great time at the campsite.

Henrik: We can’t wait to hear about your camping trip, ja?

Fallbot: Okay, everyone, you’ll pick me up in 7 days, right?

Gabriela: Right, and don’t forget to call us if you see any rustlers out there during your camping trip.

Fallbot: Allrighty, GB! Here I go! (trips and falls) Ow, who put that there?

(Everyone laughs)

Squeaky: Just be careful next time, Fallbot.

Fallbot: Okay, Squeaky. (As he picked himself up and entered the bus with his travel bag which includes camping supplies, hiking boots, water bottles, and his SAVO unit. Fallbot takes the bus seat along with his new friends, the other scout troop members and waved goodbye to Sully and the other Danger Rangers from the bus' open window as the bus began to depart.)

Henrik: Sure wouldn't be the same without Fallbot, ja?

Kitty: Well, kind of. But we can still do some fun things while Fallbot is away.

Henrik: Like what, Kitty?

Transcript Edit

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  • The Danger Rangers wear cowboy outfits in this episode.
  • Sully and Kitty were partners for the square dance.
  • The Danger Rangers sang "Don't Fence Me In" in this episode.
  • Henrik can make pig calls, while Squeaky can make turkey calls.
  • A hoedown was held after the Danger Rangers completed their task.
  • Fallbot becomes a Junior Woodchuck in this episode.
  • The Junior Woodchuck scouts had fun activities at the Jamboree campsite.
  • The Scout members earn badges at the end of episode.