"Poison" is the first song in the episode "Chem Gems". It explains what substances are poisonous and to stay away from them. 

It is reused in "Fallbot Forget Me Not."


Kitty: Poison!
(Backing Trio: Poison!)
Kitty: It's not the thing to mess around with,
And you know that, 'cause you're smart.

Burble: Poison!
(Backing Trio: Poison!)
Burble: Those household chemicals your mother puts inside the grocery cart.

Kitty & Burble: Poison!
(Backin Trio: Ooooooooh.)
There's skull-and-crossbones on those bottles that you find beneath the sink.
Burble: Like what you use to clean the drainin'
'Cause you've got a great, big brain in
You know, that kind of stuff is not to eat or drink.

Gabriela: Like detergents, disinfectants, boric acid, liquid bleach.
Kitty: And that spray you use to get your oven clean.
Sully: Or noxious shampoo for your rugs,
There's insecticide for bugs,
Cleansers, lighter fluid, paint, and gasoline.

Squeeky: There's epoxy and there's glue,
And also polish for your shoe,
And then that stuff that keeps your bathroom toilet clean.
Sully: There's that gunk to rub off tarnish,
Then there's primer, stain, and varnish,
Cans of supply powder, dye, and kerosene.

Burble: Poison!
(Backing Trio: Poison!)
Burble: You're way to clever that you ever touch those cans inside the shed.

Kitty: Poison!
(Backing Trio: Poison!)
Kitty: 'Cause you know how to read that warning with those letters marked in red.

Burble & Kitty: Poison!
(Backing Trio: Ooooooooh.)
Kitty: It comes in bottles, boxes, cans, and if you find them in a stack...
Burble: They are chemicals to dodge
They're around the shelf in your garage,
And in the laundry room
And storage bin outback.

Sully: Things like antifreeze, ammonia, oil, spot remover, starch,
Toxic aerosols, some charcoal, or chlorine.
Gabriela: There's that stuff to wax the floor,
Kitty: And to grease the kitchen door,
Squeeky: And that gunk to keep this carburetor clean.

Sully: There's that spray you use to dust,
And all that stuff to clean off rust,
Gabriela: And there's arsenic and liquid iodine,
Kitty: There's adhesives and congealants,
Sully: A stringent rubber sealant.
Kitty: Cans of sterno and propane and turpentine.

All: And you're cool, 'cause you're the kind
Who is smart and use your mind,
And any chemicals you find,
Squeeky: You leave alone!

Appearances Edit

  • Chem Gems (first appearance)
  • Fallbot Forget Me Not