"Organization Counsel" is a season 3 episode of Danger Rangers


Commander Octodon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V Manderbill, Henri Ennui and Buck Huckster along with their associates have banded together for one goal: Destroy the Danger Rangers! How will the Danger Rangers stop the combined alliance from wreaking havoc with danger? The Danger Rangers will have to use their Mission Rangers gear to stop these army of bad guys. Will they able to stop the evil villains before it's too late?


In the villains’ hideout, they had an evil plan to take over the world. Rusty Ringtail suggests that the Danger Rangers headquarters should be destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Danger Rangers were playing a game of Kitty Says. Kitty tells the other Rangers what to do. When Kitty says "Sit down", Henrik sits down and is out.

Rusty Ringtail begins his dastardly plot. He asks Quentin V Manderbill and Henri Ennui to sabotage the Danger Rangers' activities.

Meanwhile, Henrik is out again because Kitty didn't say Kitty Says.

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New York City





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  • This episode shares some similarities with the Spectacular Spider Man episode, "Group Therapy"
  • The Danger Rangers wear their Mission Ranger uniforms once again.
  • A Royal artifact must be recovered once again. It was a mystical wishing well.