"Never Mess Around with Fire" is a song from "Fires and Liars". It explains why they should never play with fire, and the use of a smoke detector.

It is reused in "Fallbot Forget Me Not."


Burble: Listen.

You're sound asleep

There's a beep on the wall

You hear the smoke alarm go off

Kitty: And you just woke

You see smoke, in the hall

It's hard to breathe, you start to cough

Burble & Background Voices: Moving down the hall

You see the flames now

Kitty & Background Voices: You wake your family up

And start to shout,

Burble: "There's a fire

And the flames are getting higher!"

Burble & Background Voices: On your feet, to the street

Everybody out!

Burble: You saved the day

Got away, just in time

Because you knew just what to do

Kitty: You're safe and sound

With your family all around

Kitty & Background Voices: Thanks to that safety stuff you knew

Burble: Like, keep away

And never play with matches

Kitty & Background Voices: Don't stick your hand

Into the fireplace or stove.

Don't touch those candles in the hall.

Burble: Don't play with any flame at all

Burble, Kitty, & Background Voices: It's true, don't you

Ever mess around with fire

Burble: I'm telling you kids.

Just keep your cool

That's the rule in a fire

Don't want to panic, keep your head

Kitty & Background Voices: Call 911, they'll be coming on the run.

They'll stop the flames before they spread.

Burble, Kitty, & Background Voices: And if you see a dangerous situation

Like cans of gasoline in your garage,

Electric wires that are bad,

Kitty: Tell your mom, tell your dad.

Burble: Show 'em what you found.

Kitty: Keep your family safe and sound,

Burble: And don't you ever mess around

Burble, Kitty & Background Voices: With fire!

Appearances Edit

  • Fires and Liars (first appearance)
  • Fallbot Forget Me Not