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"Microbe Mania" is one of the season 2 cancelled episodes of Danger Rangers.

Because this was cancelled, everything listed is only hypothetical.

(Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's.)

Synopsis Edit

Fallbot had a cold virus, but the Danger Rangers are now ready to stop the viruses. This episode teaches kids to know about getting healthy and getting in good shape. At the same time, Henrik is also sick and couldn't get out of bed. It's up to the Danger Rangers to cure Fallbot and Henrik.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

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  • The Danger Rangers themselves
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Transcript Edit

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Chapter 1 Edit

Kitty: Hey, everybody! Guess what!

All: What?

Kitty: We're going to have a blast!

Squeaky: What exactly are you talking about, Kitty?

Kitty: We're going to Hoover Street Elementary School to teach kids about being fit and healthy.

Sully: Well, on that subject.

Suddenly, the Danger Rangers heard two loud sneezes.

Burt: What was that?

Burble: It sounded like Fallbot and Henrik.

Sully: Let's go check on them!

(A few minutes later.)

Henrik: Halla, Danger Rangers. I'm not feeling so good today.

Kitty: We can see that, Henrik. What's the problem?

Henrik: I have a bad flu, ja? (sneezes)

Fallbot: And so do I. I've come down with a cold virus.

Sully: Don't worry, we can fix that.

Fallbot and Henrik: How?

Sully: Well, we could give you two some medicine.

Henrik: Tack, Sully. I could really take some right now.

Fallbot: So do I.

Squeaky: Here, Henrik. Take this medicine.

Henrik: Thank you, Squeaky. (drinks the medicine) Ja! That hits the spot!

Sully: It certainly does. Well, we better get going. Hope you two feel better!

Fallbot and Henrik: Goodbye, Danger Rangers!

Henrik: Stay safe, mein vans!

Kitty: Poor Fallbot and Henrik. They really wanted to join us but they're just not feeling too well.

Sully: Well, there's only one thing we can do. We can still teach kids about keeping fit and stay healthy.

Burt: Right.

Burble: So, where do we begin?

Sully: We're just start by going to school right now.

Kitty: All right, let's go!

Squeaky: Yeah!

(Minutes later.)

Chapter 2 Edit

Kids: It's the Danger Rangers! But without Henrik and Fallbot.

Derek: And they're here to give us a demonstration of keeping fit and healthy.

Scott: Yeah!

Sully: Hi, everyone! Who's ready for a fit and healthy lesson day?

Kids: Yeah!

Talya Mendoza: Bring it on, Ranger Sully!

Derek: Hey, where are Fallbot and Henrik?

Kitty: Fallbot and Henrik are sick and have to stay in bed.

Kids: Awww. That's too bad.

Scott: Yeah. If only Fallbot and Henrik were here.

Kitty: Well, let's get to it. First, to keep fit and healthy, you need to exercise every day.

Sully: Like making slam dunks at basketball.

Squeaky: Or lifting weights.

Burble: Or doing cardio by running from block to block.

Burt: Or you can also work out in fitness areas and at school gyms.

Derek: Good point, Burt. What else shall we do to keep fit, Sully?

Sully: Let me tell you all about it, Derek.

(It's Workout Time song)

Scott: (after the song ended) Wow. I didn't know there were so many ways to exercise and workout.

Kitty: Be sure to have fun and eat a well balanced meal.

Suddenly, Kitty's Savo unit beeps.

SAVO: Ranger Kitty, looks like Ranger Henrik wants to speak to you.

Kitty: Patch it through, SAVO. Ranger Kitty here. What do you need?

Henrik: Hi, Kitty. Can you please buy me a chop suey and a glass of lemonade?

Fallbot: And give me a hot tamale and a mocha milkshake.

Kitty: Hang in there, guys. We'll take care of it as soon as we finish out briefing with the kids.

Henrik and Fallbot: Thanks, Kitty!

Kitty: Uh, Sully, will you take over for me?

Sully: Sure thing, Kitty. Now, kids, let me show you how to lift weights the right way.

Kids: Cool!

Sully: First, you lift your barbell up like this. Then hold it steady until you have enough.

Squeaky: Heh heh. Good one, Sully. I can lift weights like that too. See?

Kids: Whoa!

Burt: Great work, guys. Now let me show you how to perform a slam dunk at basketball.

Derek: Can I try, Ranger Burt?

Burt: Sure you can, Derek.

Chapter 3 Edit

(Meanwhile, back at Danger Ranger headquarters)

Henrik: Fallbot, it's a shame we didn't join the rest of our friends for the workout demonstration, ja?

Fallbot: Yeah, Henrik. I wish there is something we could do instead of taking a nap while we're sick. Hey, I know!

Henrik: What?

Fallbot: We can demonstrate excercises ourselves.

Henrik: But what if Sully and Kitty find out?

Fallbot: Don't worry, they won't know a thing. I'll show you. First, I'll try and do a somersault.

Henrik: Fallbot, you wouldn't do that.

Fallbot: Watch this (does a somersault) How's that, Henrik?

Henrik: Very classy, Fallbot. Very classy. Ooh, watch what I can do! (moonwalks)

Fallbot: Henrik, that was really good!

Henrik: Thank you very much. I've been practicing, ja?

SAVO: Shouldn't you two be resting? I have to report this to the other Danger Rangers.

Fallbot: Oh no! We're caught red handed!


SAVO: Danger alert! Danger alert!

Sully: What's wrong, SAVO?

SAVO: Oh, Ranger Sully. It seems that Ranger Henrik and Fallbot are not resting while they're still sick.

Squeaky: What? How could they?

SAVO: You took the words out of my mouth, Ranger Squeaky.

Squeaky: Touche, Slav-o!


Sully: Guys, guys, come on. Let's put our heads together.

Squeaky: Not until I do this first! (throws cheese at SAVO and laughs)

SAVO: Oh no! I've been cheesed again!

Sully: Anyway, we need to call an EMT to make sure Henrik and Fallbot rests well again.

SAVO: Good idea. I'll contact him right away.

Chapter 4 Edit

(Back to Fallbot and Henrik.)

Fallbot: (after hearing sirens) What's that?

Henrik: It's just an ambulance, Fallbot. Wait a minute, why is it stopping at headquarters?

(The EMT comes in.)

EMT: Well, well. Looks like you two must be Fallbot and Ranger Henrik?

Henrik: Oh no! Is he going to make us take shots?

EMT: Technically, yes. Ranger Sully told me that you're not doing a good job resting.

Fallbot: But we're already ok!

EMT: You two don't seem very ok to me.

Fallbot: We are!

EMT: I'm not sure. Let's take a look at your temperatures. (Checks temperatures with thermometer) Hmm. Henrik and Fallbot looks like you both got a cold.

Henrik: But we're fine.

EMT: My thermometer says here that your temperature is heavy.

Henrik and Fallbot: Really?

EMT: Yes, really. My thermometer never lies!

Henrik: This is bad, Fallbot.

Fallbot: Yeah, because we're caught red handed.

EMT: You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Henrik: Ja, we are super sorry.

Fallbot: Even I feel guilty.

EMT: It's not good to fake things.

Henrik: Ok then.

Fallbot: Well, I guess we better continue resting.

EMT: Good

EMT: Fallbot and Henrik, that's the spirit.

Fallbot: Sure thing.

SAVO: Fallbot and Ranger Henrik, I hope you learned the hard way.

Henrik: Ja, we do.

EMT: Looks like you two should stay in bed. The rest of the Danger Rangers will check on you.

Henrik: And they already know the truth, ja?

SAVO: The truth hurts, doesn't it, Ranger Henrik?

Henrik: Ja, it does.

Fallbot: Let's get some rest now.

(Fallbot and Henrik went back to bed.)

Chapter 5 Edit


Kitty: I just hope Henrik and Fallbot get some rest now.

Burble: So that they can get well soon.



Henrik: (?)

Fallbot: (?)

Squeaky: (?)

SAVO: (?)

Sully: (?)

Burt: (?)

Gabriela: (?)

Burble: (?)

Kitty: (?)


Chapter 6 Edit



Burt: (?) I think better check on my Glow in the Dark Thermometer.



Chapter 7





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Chapter 12





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Locations Edit

  • Elementary School
  • Hospital
  • Henrik's Room

Relevant Lessons Not Taught Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Fallbot has a very loud sneeze.
  • This is the first episode that shows a character that is sick.
  • Henrik has an Olaf the Snowman poster in his room.
  • The song "Ride Smart" was playing on the radio in Henrik's room.
  • When Henrik gets out of bed, he is seen wearing slippers resembling the look of Branch from Trolls.
  • Henrik was seen eating a Choco Chunky. At least this one's not rancinated.
  • Fallbot's groans sounds like a monster moaning.

Gallery Edit

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