"Keep Yourself Safe" is a song from "Where the Fun Never Stops." It explains how to be careful on a playground. 

Certain kids speak up during the song.

It is reused in "Kitty's Surprise Party."


(NOTE: All spoken parts are italicized.)

Background Trio and Kitty: Keep yourself safe

Keep it safe, safe

Keep yourself safe

Kitty: Keep yourself safe

Background Trio: Keep yourself safe

Keep it safe, safe

Keep yourself safe

Sully: Keep yourself safe

All: When you go to play with friends on the playground,

Everybody having a ball.

Careful when you climb.

You got to take your time.

You never want to slip and then fall.

Sully: You could land in the dirt

On your head and get hurt.

'Cause you're standin' on the top of the slide.

Burble: When you're playin' on the swings,

The monkey bars, and rings,

On the jungle gym and all of the rides,

You got to...

Gabriela & Background Trio: Know that it's a must,

That you gotta just

Keep yourself safe.

Boy 1: I'm gonna do it!

Burble & Background Trio: Whatcha 'bout to do?

Have you thought it through?

Will it be safe?

Girl 1: I'm bein' careful!

Kitty & Background Trio: Remember, every risk, every chance you take

Is really nothin' more than a choice you make.

When you go to play,

Know the way

To keep yourself safe.

Gabriela & Background Trio: You're climbin' up to play,

There's someone in your way,

Everybody's waitin' in line.

Kitty & Background Trio: Everybody learns

It's better takin' turns.

Everybody stay and nobody whine.

Sully: When you go to run,

You laugh, you're havin' fun,

Then you never need to push or to shove.

Burble: Everybody play,

Everybody stay

Safe, 'cause you know that we love

When there's

Burble & Background Trio: Danger in your way,

And you say,

"Can I keep myself safe?"

Boy 2: I can keep myself safe!

Gabriela & Background Trio: You're way up off the ground,

Looking down,

"Am I gonna be safe?"

Boy 3: I'm sure gonna be!

Burble, Kitty, & Background Trio: No matter what you do, so you're keepin' alert,

You thinkin' to yourself, "I'm not gonna get hurt."

No way, 'cause you say, when I play, gonna keep myself safe.

Boy 1: Anytime that I climb, yeah, I'm gonna keep myself safe!

Group of Kids: We decide, see, how we're gonna be safe!

Burble, Sully, Kitty, & Background Trio: Never gonna fall and land in a heap.

Burble, Sully, Kitty, Gabriela, & Background Trio: I'm always gonna look before I go leap.

No matter what, I'm always gonna keep

Keep myself safe!

Appearances Edit

  • Where the Fun Never Stops (first appearance)
  • Kitty's Surprise Party


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