Jackie is a minor character in "Dog Days." She is a green turtle and, like Alice Buckster, she has orange, human-like hair, making her one of fewer animals to have that. She has glasses and wears different shades of blue in a sleeveless sweater, skirt, and sandals.

She owns a dog named Cookie.

Jackie gives Sully permission to pet Cookie when he asks (but not without initially asking Willie Buckster for permission, unaware that Cookie is not his dog).

Much later, when there is a disaster, thanks to a stray dog, Rufio, escaping from the pound and chasing after other dogs, Jackie calls out for Cookie to come back.

On "Wheel of Kibble," a game show hosted at the end by Rangers Squeeky and Gabriela (as Max Toupée and Vana Bandana, respectively), Jackie answers the first question right: use a collar and leash to walk your dog.

Jackie is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Appearances Edit

  • Dog Days (first appearance)
  • (Any ideas from season 2 and 3)

Trivia Edit

  • Jackie is similar to another girl voiced by Grey DeLisle: Emily Elizabeth from both Clifford series, as they each own a dog: Clifford for Emily, and Cookie for Jackie. Coincidentally, both dogs' names are disyllabic (meaning their names have two syllables) and start with a hard C.
  • This is also similar to Kitty as a little girl, as Kitty is voiced by DeLisle, too, and owned a dog as a girl. However, Kitty does not speak in the flashback, nor does her dog's name start with a C.


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