"It's All Up to Me" is a song from "Safe and Sound." It explains why everyone likes music, how to use ear plugs, and make a difference.

Bongo drums are used as background scenery.


Kitty & Background Trio: I like to rock out
And scream with the crowd
I love the music,
And I want to hear it loud.
I like the feeling
Of all of that sound.
But when it starts to damage my ears,
I just turn it down.

Gabriela: I love my hearing,
I know you can tell.
I want to hear things
Clear as a bell.

Gabriela & Background Trio: 'Cause it's my ears,
So I know what to do.
Gabriela, Kitty, & Background Trio: If you want your hearing to last,
It's all up to you.

Kitty, Gabriela, & Background Trio: It's my decision,
'Cause I make the call.
I've got two eardrums.
Don't want them hurt at all.
I need my hearing
To last through the years.
And that's why I protect them.
Yeah, I take care of my ears.

Burble: Without your ears, now what do you do?
Squeeky: You never gonna hear when I talk to you.
Sully: Never gonna know what the people say.
Burt: I'm never gonna hear no music play.
Squeeky: Ears are good. Hearin's cool.
Burble: If something's loud, don't be a fool.
Sully: Check it out. Use earplugs, see?
All Male Danger Rangers: Keep 'em safe, is up to me.

Kitty & Background Trio: I love my hearing,
I know you can tell.

Gabriela & Background Trio: I want my ears
To work really well.

Kitty & Background Trio: I make the choice
On how it will be.

All Females: If I want my hearing to last,
It's all up to me.

Burble & Squeeky: It's all up to me!

Sully & Burt: It's all up to me!

All: It's all up to me!

Appearances Edit

  • Safe and Sound (first appearance)


  • Only the females (including the feline trio) wear their regular outfits; the males all wear hipster clothes, with all of them wearing shoes except Squeeky.
  • Only the females ever actually sing their parts (including Gabriela); the males rap all of theirs.


  • During the line, "I like the feeling of all of that sound," the stripes on the fire cat singer's lower legs near her feet are not filled in (some yellow appears on them) as they dance side-to-side.
  • Speaking of which, during the line, "And that's why I protect them, yeah, I take," the soles of the same cat singer's feet are hot pink like those of the medical cat singer's feet for the most part (except her toes), but the sole turns back to burnt orange when they sing the rest of the line, "care of my ears."