Henrik is a small reindeer, member of the Danger Rangers, and makes his first appearance in "Bully For You." He is voiced by Peter Cugno. He's from Stockholm, Sweden. Since he is from Sweden, he likes to collect troll figures. He also has time to spot real trolls, especially friendly ones. He drives a jeep and has super sight and hearing. His jeep is dark green in color with white stripes on it. It also has an emblem of a Swedish flag. He can even hear things far away, even if he's indoors. He loves to play and tell stories with his friends. Even though Henrik is brave, he doesn't like dark places, hawks, spiders, Rusty Ringtail, or any other bad guys. Like Kitty, he also hates cheating. He loves to bring the bad guys to justice. He even doesn't like loud noises. Henrik has brown fur. He looks up to his friends, especially when they're in their ups and downs. He's always got their back. He also loves chestnuts. He speaks with a Swedish accent. He likes to sing in the shower, which the others find appalling. He loves search parties and will not stop at nothing until it's all over. He also likes treasure hunting. He is also very excitable and has a big imagination. He likes to ice skate and roller blade and is very skilled at those. He also can do wheelies. He is also a very good yodeler. He also loves to cook and always uses the kitchen room safely. When the kitchen is on fire, he always lets his fellow Danger Ranger buddies know. He also loves making snowmen. He also likes to bake gingerbread cookies and make apple cider. He can skate really well and is fond of puppet shows and vaudeville performances. He likes to listen to the Swedish and German music, just like ABBA, Rednex, and Ace of Base. Being Scandinavian, he also likes to eat meatballs and lutefisk, especially while they're hot. When eating a pizza, he always asks for extra meatballs, since they're good. He also loves to watch operas and reality shows.

Personality Edit

Henrik is a fun loving little reindeer. Sometimes when he is sad, he listens to music. He can be very timid when it comes to dark places. He is the rookie of the team. Besides his Danger Ranger uniform, sometimes he likes to wear lederhosen. He also likes to read fantasy and mystery novels. He also can shed happy tears, just like Gabriela. He is very close to Fallbot and Squeaky.

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Trivia Edit

  • In winter episodes, he is always seen wearing a feather boa and loves to go snowboarding.
  • However, he can't swim really well, Henrik uses the swim ring to make him swim. But in "Traffic Trouble," he finally really learned to swim.
  • His catchphrases are "I love missions!" and "Underbar! This is fun!"
  • He also likes carrots, since reindeer eat carrots.
  • He is always bubbling with excitement.
  • He also shows some interest in cooking.
  • His favorite food is chocolate truffles and cinnamon cookies, such as snickerdoodles.
  • He is allergic to pepper, dust, and poinsettias (flowers).
  • He likes the scent of lavender.
  • Sometimes, he can be a bit of a couch potato.
  • He is one of the bilingual members of the Danger Rangers, next to Gabriela.
  • He asked Fallbot to go on magical adventures sometimes
  • Henrik also shares Squeaky's love for cheese.
  • He is the King of Hearts in “Kitty in Wonderland.”
  • He wears a hip hop dance outfit occasionally.
  • Henrik is afraid of dark places and booby traps.
  • Henrik likes the colors red and orange.
  • Henrik looks up to Sully and Kitty.
  • He and Fallbot appear as spirit forms along with Miguel Rivera in “Henrik, Fallbot and the Coco Adventure.”
  • He and Fallbot met Miguel’s Ancestors: Papa Héctor, Mamá Imelda, Tía Rosita, Tía Victoria, Papá Julio, Tíos Felipe, and Oscar.
  • He has a great great grandfather who is also from Sweden.
  • He can also read and play music.
  • He also dislikes people nagging him.
  • Henrik’s great great grandfather’s name is Klaus. Klaus is a famous world explorer.

He also loves to play hockey.

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