A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers

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Gabriela falls in love with a grumpy Toco toucan named Hercule who doesn't take to strangers seriously. But he takes a liking to the Danger Rangers. What Hercule was grumpy about is because that some poachers captured him over and over. To him, the poachers are "nasty beasts" who tried to take away everything you have. It's up to the Danger Rangers to stop the poachers.


One lovely spring morning, Gabriela the Hummingbird is in the Headquarters Garden, reading a book called “Beauty and the Beast.” After she finished reading the story, her friend, a grumpy Toco toucan named Hercule, who hates strangers says that the story is similar to what happened to him in real life, except that he didn't push people away.

Characters Edit

  • The Danger Rangers themselves
  • Hercule
  • Poachers

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  • Romantic Roses

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  • Gabriela falls in love with Hercule. The other couples is Sully and Kitty.
  • At first, Squeaky is reluctant to help Hercule, but seeing that Hercule shares his grumpy point of view, he agrees to free the grumpy toucan.
  • Gabriela is reading a book called “Beauty and the Beast.”
  • Hercule is voiced by TJ Miller.
  • Hercule likes sour grapes. He also likes sweet potato chips and supreme pizza.
  • Gabriela is wearing a Disney’s Belle Emma Watson dress.


(Gabriela is outside of Headquarters gardens reading a book called “Beauty and the Beast”)

Gabriela: (happily sights) What a lovely spring morning. I heard the birds singing, feeling a cool breezes, flowers blooming, beautiful butterflies fluttered everywhere, an elegant white swans gliding through the lake, and sunshine is shining in the sky.