A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers

Synopsis Edit

Gabriela falls in love with a grumpy Toco toucan named Hercule who doesn't take to strangers seriously. But he takes a liking to the Danger Rangers. What Hercule was grumpy about is because that some poachers captured him over and over. To him, the poachers are "nasty beasts" who tried to take away everything you have. It's up to the Danger Rangers to stop the poachers.


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  • Gabriela falls in love with Hercule. The other couples is Sully and Kitty.
  • At first, Squeaky is reluctant to help Hercule, but seeing that Hercule shares his grumpy point of view, he agrees to free the grumpy toucan.
  • Gabriela is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

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