A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers

Synopsis Edit

Fallbot and Henrik are nervous about joining the International Spelling Bee. But with the help of the other Danger Rangers, they regain their confidence and practice everyday so that they don't flub the words.


One lovely morning, Fallbot and Ranger Henrik are playing at playground at the park together including flying their kites, throwing frisbee, watching ducks, geese, and swans gliding through the pond, having picnic, playing hide-and- seek and more. Suddenly, one of the Town school student members came to the park and asked Fallbot and Ranger Henrik to enter the International Spelling Bee. Fallbot and Ranger Henrik says “Okay,” and so they take them to their school and sign up on list. The school principal came to the main entrance. “Sir,” said one of the school students. These are the two new contestants: Fallbot and Ranger Henrik.” ”Welcome, both of you,” said the school principal. He introduce himself as Mr. David Durden.

Characters Edit

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Miscellaneous Edit

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  • The Town school is having a International Spelling Bee
  • Everyone enters the Spelling Bee including Fallbot and Henrik.
  • The Danger Rangers are happy for them and help Fallbot and Henrik practice the words everyday.
  • Sully, Kitty, Burt, Burble, Squeaky, and Gabriela gave Fallbot and Henrik a lovely hugs for good luck in this episode. Squeaky lets go of the hug first.
  • Squeaky is eating snow cones in this episode.

Transcript Edit

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