A Season 3 episode of the Danger Rangers

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Fallbot and Henrik are nervous about joining the International Spelling Bee. But with the help of the other Danger Rangers, they regain their confidence and practice everyday so that they don't flub the words.


One lovely morning, Fallbot and Ranger Henrik are playing at the playground in the park together including flying their kites, throwing frisbee & ball, watching ducks, geese, and swans including their cute babies gliding through the pond, having picnic, playing hide-and-seek, tag, skipping through the meadow of flowers, watching clouds in the sky making shapes and sizes, eating ice creams together, taking a few minutes nap in the shade of the willow tree,and more. After they had fun at the park, Fallbot and Henrik walked to the town together. Suddenly, they noticed the town’s Academy School is having a International Spelling Bee announcement. As they walked toward they school, the Academy School principal says if anyone enters the International Spelling Bee and spell the words correctly, wins a special grand prizes. Fallbot and Henrik are nervous about entering the competition.

When Henrik and Fallbot went home to the Headquarters, they told the rest of the Danger Rangers about the spelling bee competition. Sully and Kitty thinks that it is a great idea. Henrik wasn't sure about it. Burble suggests that Henrik and Fallbot must practice very hard. Finally, Henrik agrees to enter the competition, but he still has no confidence yet and he is afraid of flubbing the words. So they help him and Fallbot practice the words everyday before the competition on Friday night in two weeks. The next morning, Sully and Kitty went to the drying clothing store to buy special evening clothes and accessories for Fallbot and Henrik for the big night’s Friday competition, while the other Danger Rangers continuing helping them practice the spelling words everyday. Henrik and Fallbot practice, practice, practice, and practicing the words harder. Fallbot’s final word is ‘extraordinary’ and Henrik’s word is ‘language’. When Sully and Kitty went home alone with dry cleaning clothes bags and shopping bags with accessories, Sully check on Henrik and Fallbot is doing well practicing the words. Sully and Kitty were proud of them for practicing very hard.

At last, the big Friday night is finally here. Fallbot and Henrik are ready for the competition. They brush their teeth, flossing, and washing their faces with soap and warm water. Henrik put men deodorant on his underarms. They put on a evening suits on that Sully and Kitty had bought for them. Fallbot wears a orange bow tie and Henrik wears a brown bow tie. Then they spray a little bit of men cologne around their suits. Fallbot and Henrik are looking good and handsome for tonight. They play Matching card game together while they’re waiting for the rest of the Danger Rangers are getting ready too. The Danger Rangers are wearing their Formal suits from Fires and Liars. Burble called Fallbot and Henrik when it’s time to go to the Academy School. They went to the hovercraft along with other Danger Rangers.

Soon, the Danger Rangers reached the Academy School.

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* Spelling Bee

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  • Park
  • Town
  • Academy School

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  • The Town Academy School is having a International Spelling Bee
  • Everyone enters the Spelling Bee including Fallbot and Henrik.
  • The Danger Rangers are happy for them and help Fallbot and Henrik practice the words everyday.
  • Sully, Kitty, Burt, Burble, Squeaky, and Gabriela gave Fallbot and Henrik a lovely hugs for good luck in this episode. Squeaky lets go of the hug first.
  • Squeaky is eating snow cones in this episode.
  • The Danger Rangers wear their Formal Suits once again.
  • Fallbot and Henrik wins a prize at the end.


Henrik: Fallbot, the Academy School is holding up International Spelling Bee on Friday night at 6pm.

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