Emily is the one female of the English school kids in the episode "Chem Gems." Besides being the only female of the kids, she is the only one who wears specs ("glasses").

She, Mark, Harrison, Nick, and Danny are planning a stinky brew using household chemicals to get out of morning assembly.

While Nick and Danny, two of the kids, are off to Baker Street, Emily and the rest of the boys try testing the mixture, but they get stung by their carelessness, inhale the fumes, and get hurt. Specifically, Emily has a spill on her knee, but the Rangers take care of them (specifically, Kitty dabs a cloth onto her knee), and the paramedics come.

After the "Poison" song, Emily expresses alarm about Nick and Danny heading over to Barker Street.

Emily is voiced by an American, Debi Derryberry.

Appearances Edit

  • Chem Gems (first appearance)


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