"Don't Touch Them Pills" is a song from "Medicine Mix-Up." It is sung by the whole team, explaining that medicine (especially pills) should not be treated as a treat or otherwise consumed without it being prescribed first.

During the part where Kitty sings, "It comes in cherry, berry, orange, and grape," it is shown that Kitty can juggle.

The song is reused in "Fallbot Forget Me Not."


Kitty: You brush your teeth, and then you look to the side.
The cabinet full of medicine is opened up wide.

Burble: And there are lots of little bottles inside,
And they're loaded with pills.

Kitty: They look a lot like candy, and they're colorful too.

Gabriela: They're orange, red, and yellow, green and purple and blue.

Sully: And if the situation ever happens to you,

All: Don't touch them pills.

Burble: A pill is medicine, see,

Sully: And you can take it from me.

Kitty: It isn't candy, and it isn't a treat.

Squeeky: It can make you a mess.

Sully: So, be certain. Don't guess.
If you don't know what it is...

Burble: It's a thing you don't eat.

If you ever come across a little pill on the floor,

Squeeky: Or on the dresser,

Kitty: Or the counter,

Sully: Or the back of a drawer,

Burble: Or maybe on the bottom of a pocket or purse,

Gabriela: Don't put it in your mouth,
'Cause it could hurt you or worse.

Kitty: Unless you get it from your mom or dad or doctor or nurse,

Burble: Don't touch them pills.

There's other medicine, too...

Sully: The kind you drink or you chew.

Kitty: It comes in cherry, berry, orange, and grape.

It's in the medicine cabinet.

Burble: But don't you go grabbin' it.

Sully: 'Cause if it's in there...

Burble: You'd better beware.

There are different kinds of medicine can make you feel bad.

Kitty: So never take it on your own.
You ask your mom or your dad.

Burble: And, so, remember, what your parents have got

Kitty: Might look good to eat...

Squeeky: But they are definitely not.

Burble: And so, my friend, remember what you've been taught:

Don't touch them pills. Oh no.

Kitty: Even if the bottle all spills, uh-huh.

Sully: Keepin' safe is one of your skills.

Burble: Oh, yeah. Don't

Squeeky: Don't

Kitty: Don't

Sully: Don't

All: Don't touch none of them pills.

Sully: (spoken) Stay out of that medicine cabinet!

Appearances Edit

  • Medicine Mix-Up (first appearance)
  • Fallbot Forget Me Not