"Don't Touch That" is a song from "Chem Gems". It explains how they can eat or drink things like milk and cookies, burgers and fries, carrots, and ice cream, but never things like ammonia or other household chemicals. It also explains how it's okay to touch things like books and toys, but it's not good to touch things like a bucket of paint (that is for painting walls and not for artwork).


Burble: See that box of detergent under the sink?
Fallbot: Don't touch that.
Sully: That ammonia bottle that looks like something to drink?
Fallbot: Don't touch that!
Burble: All them chemicals you can reach
Like laundry soap and chlorine bleach.
Sully: If it's poison, and it could hurt you, what do you do?
Fallbot: Don't touch that!

Kitty: If you drink some lye, you die, so what do you do?
Fallbot: Don't touch that.
Gabriela: What about acid, arsenic, oil, or glue?
Don't touch that.
Kitty: Stuff you swallow or chew or lick
That make your stomach get really sick...
And put you in the hospital. What do you do?
Don't touch that!

Burble: You can touch your playthings
And stuff inside your room,
Like books and toys
For girls and boys.
When it's something you consume,

Kitty: You can eat those milk and cookies,
That veggie, fruit, or nut.
Burgers, fries,
Apple pies,
All: Cake and candy, but...

Burble: When it comes to stuff you find in your garage...
Don't touch that.
A can of paint with a lid you might dislodge.
Fallbot: Don't touch that.
Really stuff inside a jar
That's used to grease and lube the car.
You find it, never mind it.
What do you do?
Fallbot: Don't touch that!

Burble: When Socrates drank hemlock, what did he learn?
Fallbot: Don't touch that!
What did he say when that poison started to burn?
Fallbot: I shouldn't have drank that!
When Romeo poked that poison, see,
And Juliet woke and said...

Oh, gee!
Romeo, wherefore art thou? What did you do?
Fallbot: I shouldn't have took that!

Kitty: You can eat that ice cream.
You can drink that glass of juice.
Burble: Have salad greens,
Pork and beans,
And a great, big, chocolate mousse.

Sully: But those cleansers under the sink are none of your biz.
Fallbot: Don't touch that!
Gabriela: Or a bottle of stuff, and you don't know what it is.
Fallbot: Don't touch that!
Kitty: Turpentine and antifreeze.
Burble: You just say, "No, thank you, please.
I'm stayin' out of danger."
Kitty: Be a "heads-up" Danger Ranger.
Fallbot: But if someone tries to grab my channel changer,
I'll tell 'em, "Hey! Don't touch that!"

Appearances Edit

  • Chem Gems (first appearance)
  • (Any plans from season 2)

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