"Don't Startle a Dog" is a song from "Dog Days". It explains not to poke their eyes or pull their ears, to ask someone, and to stand still and act like a tree or lay down and act like a log. 
Dog Days


Burt: Dogs are great.
Squeeky: Dogs are fun.
Kitty: There's things to know when you get around one.
Squeeky: Not all dogs you meet will be gentle and nice.
Burble: If there's a dog you don't know, give him some space.
Fallbot: Don't wanna shove your hand in his face.
Sully: Whenever you reach for a dog, you gotta think twice.

Burble: Never startle a dog,
Or make him feel fear.
Kitty: Like pokin' his eyes or pullin' his ear.
Fallbot: Don't yank with his tail or shut him in and suddenly leave.
Sully & Kitty: Don't be hittin' him, kickin' him, pokin' him, jabbin' him
Sneakin' up behind him and suddenly grabbin' him.
Squeeky: Especially when he's eatin'
Or lyin' on the carpet asleep.

Sully & Kitty: You never want to tease him
Or do stuff that will not please him
Like to hug him or to squeeze him way to hard.
And if you only just now met him,
Don't reach out and try to pet him.
Ask his owner, will she let him
And be safe, and on your guard.

Sully: If you ever come across a dangerous pup,
Squeeky: Who bares his teeth, and comes runnin' on up,
Sully: Sort of like he's gonna attack and you think that he may,
Burble: Keep cool and calm as you can be,
Squeeky: Stand your ground and act like a tree.
Sully: Hold that pose until he goes away.

Sully & Kitty: A dog can fast outrace you
So just turn and let him face you.
Don't run, or he will chase you and might bite.
He can tell when you're scared stiff,
So relax, and let him sniff.
And once he gets a whiff,
He'll walk away, and you're all right.

Burble: But if you're tackled by a dog,
Just stay calm and act like a log.
Squeeky: Lie there still and wait till he is gone.
Sully: Be kind to dogs.
Don't yell or hit.
Burble: If you understand them, you won't get bit.
Burble, Sully, Squeeky, & Fallbot: And when you skateboard, bike, or hike, or jog,
If some strange pup comes up to you,
What's the proper thing to do?
Never, no, not ever, startle a dog.
Fallbot: That's man's best friend.

Appearances Edit

  • Dog Days (first appearance)