The Decibulls are a rock-and-roll band and the false antagonists (according to every Ranger but Sully) in the episode "Safe and Sound." They are a group of three bulls and (apparently) Sully's favorite group, but because their music is recorded so loudly that it cannot be turned down, their music is mostly refused. Instead of the Decibulls being guilty of this, it is their manager Buck Huckster who is to blame.

Sully had been following the group since they did high school dances.

Another fan of the group is a blue bird kid named Martin (who, however, listens to it in science class, which is not the time or place to do so and has to see the school nurse).

When Buck and his minion Knuckles are arrested for having ear damage done, the Decibulls get a new record deal so they can continue playing their music without damaging anyone's ears. It is revealed that the band always uses eardrums when they play their own music.

The band name is a play on "decibel," which is the unit for measuring sound, which is the episode topic.

The Decibulls are voiced by Rob Paulsen (the voice of Squeeky), John Kassir (the voice of Fallbot), and Jerry Houser (the voice of Sully, who is their fan), but it is unknown which member is which, and what's more, neither member's proper name is ever mentioned.

It is unknown whether the Decibulls' accent is supposed to be British or Australian.

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