Danny is one of the English schoolkids in the episode "Chem Gems." He is a green frog or toad, which makes him the only one of the five children not only to be of any class but a mammal, but to be cold-blooded. He is dressed in a blue trench coat and hat. He and Nick look for chemicals in various dumpsters to get them, as well as Mark, Harrison, and Emily out of assembly, and the two of them look on Baker Street.

When the Rangers come, they put certain chemicals in a paper pouch, but they have their lids loosened. They go to take a shortcut to school when the Rangers come to catch them. When they hear the Rangers, they hide the bag of chemicals, only to accidentally make a spill trying to cover it up (which backfires due to Kitty's Savo watch).

Danny is voiced by Crystal Scales.

Appearances Edit

  • Chem Gems (first appearance)

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Danny (right) with Nick (left)