3rd Season of the Danger Rangers.

Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's. (Any ideas about the channel)


  1. The Easter Egg Hunt
  2. Mighty Danger Rangers
  3. Halloween Time
  4. Henrik and the Hip Hop Dance
  5. Mission Rangers
  6. Kitty the Swan Princess
  7. Fallbot’s Romantic Prom Date
  8. Luke to the Rescue
  9. Parent's Day Off
  10. Mission Rangers 2: The Royal Heist
  11. The Singing Swede
  12. Big Reindeer on Campus
  13. Rangers in a Jam
  14. Fallbot, Henrik and the Chinese New Year
  15. The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival
  16. Mission Rangers 3: Quest for the Missing Ruby
  17. Henrik and the Phantom
  18. Baywatch Rangers: Save the Baby Penguin!
  19. Baywatch Rangers 2: Save the Lighthouse!
  20. Bakery Blues
  21. Much Ado About Vegetables
  22. Henrik, Fallbot and the Coco Adventure
  23. Candy Fever
  24. Life of Squeaky
  25. Pirate Rangers to the Rescue
  26. Little Zoo of Horrors
  27. An European Tale
  28. Mission Rangers 4: French Connected
  29. Baywatch Rangers 3: Save the Orca!
  30. Baywatch Rangers 4: Save the Puffins!
  31. Gabriela and the Spanish Dance Festival
  32. Baseball A Go Go
  33. Organization Counsel
  34. The Sweetheart Valentine Dance
  35. The Show Must Go On: A Christmas Play Adventure
  36. Fallbot, Henrik and the Spelling Bee
  37. Kitty and the Gymnastics Championship
  38. Sleeping Kitty
  39. Presto Ranger
  40. Kitty in Wonderland
  41. Gabriela and the Beast
  42. The Magical Masquerade Ball
  43. Return to the Land of the Dead


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