The Danger Rangers Formal Suits are formal uniforms worn by the Danger Rangers for formal reasons, which are only sho
Danger Rangers' Formal Suits
wn in two episodes: "Fires and Liars" and "Chem Gems."

The suits consist of a light gray top with a short hem and orange trim, orange waistbands with golden buttons, slightly darker gray attachable collars with gold buttons and orange trim, and gray pants, and like the normal uniforms, they do not come with shoes or socks.

Every Danger Ranger is shown wearing them during the Buckingham Palace scene in "Chem Gems," but every Ranger but Gabriela (who was not with them) was shown wearing them during the court, police, and firehouse scenes during Scott and Derek's sentence in "Fires and Liars."

Appearances Edit

  • Fires and Liars (first appearance)
  • Chem Gems