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The Danger Rangers are the main and titular heroes. Their uniform usually consists of purple short-sleeved (or sleeveless for the female members' case) and short-legged uniforms with orange trim (except Squeeky's) and a "DR" logo on the front. Possible additions include orange belts (for Rangers Sully and Kitty).

Normal Members Edit

  • Sully is a blue sea lion (or, in the show, he is mentioned to be a "seal") and the team leader. He is voiced by Jerry Houser.
  • Kitty is a pink-and-white cat and Sully's second-in-command. She is the brains of the group. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Burble is a robust polar bear with a blue nose. He is the recreational sports expert. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Burt is a green turtle who wears his uniform under his shell and the logo on his bottom shell. Of all the members, only he is cold-blooded. He is the inventor of the group. He is voiced by Star Wars star Mark Hamill.
  • Gabriela is a red hummingbird and the Chief of Operations. Partially Latina, she is voiced by Tasia Valenza.
  • Squeeky is a dark blue mouse. He is usually in bad terms with Savo, as he "cheeses" the latter (meaning he throws cheese at his monitor), much to his dismay. Squeeky is the only one whose uniform never has any orange trim. Squeeky is voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • Fallbot is not really an official Danger Ranger, as he isn't trained for it. He is only an ally of theirs. He was one of Burt's greatest inventions. He debuted, chronologically speaking, in "Water Works." He did not appear in the pilot or "Where the Fun Never Stops." He is voiced by John Kassir.
  • Henrik is a Swedish small reindeer member of the Danger Rangers. He never appeared on the show due to cancellation of the show after only sixteen episodes. His first appearance is "Bully For You." A hypothetical voice actor for him could be Peter Cugno. (Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's.)
  • Savo (which stands for "Safety Alert Vectometer") is the big good of the group. He is an invisible artificial intelligence, represented either by computer monitor or by watch. He is alert 24/7 and therefore alerts the Danger Rangers any time there's an emergency at any particular place. In "Mission 547: Safety Rules!," he is voiced by the late Jonathan Harris, who had died in 2002 and therefore didn't live to see the pilot episode air. In every episode else, he is voiced by Charlie Adler.

Gallery Edit

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Ranger Burble

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Ranger Sully

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Ranger Kitty

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Ranger Burt

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Ranger Gabriela (also known as "GB")

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Ranger Squeeky



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  • Charlie Adler and John Kassir, the voices of Savo (for the most part) and Fallbot, respectively, both voiced Buster Bunny on the TV series Tiny Toon Adventures.
    • Not to mention, on the same show, Rob Paulsen, the voice of Squeeky, appeared as the voices of characters such as Fowlmouth and Arnold.
  • Out of all the Danger Rangers, only Rangers Sully and Burt's bedrooms are shown, and only they are ever shown in their beds. However, Fallbot has been seen asleep in the safety school in "Fires and Liars."
  • Ironically, certain Danger Rangers (such as Burt in "Mission 547: Safety Rules!" and Sully and Kitty in "Dog Days") have been seen riding escalators barefoot, which is considered dangerous due to the possibility of anyone's feet getting bitten by the platform where the stairs go under, whether it's the bottom of the down one, or the top of the up one. Of course, they all do that in "Fallbot Forget Me Not," but because of the storm, it was either shut down or broken, and either way, therefore won't move.
  • Only Savo has been voiced by more than one actor, as initially, as mentioned above, he is voiced by the late Jonathan Harris in the pilot (a posthumous role) and Charlie Adler every time else.
  • Rangers Kitty and Squeeky are not the first cat and mouse, respectively, to be voiced by their respective voice actors, as Grey DeLisle previously voiced another female feline named Kitty Katswell in TUFF Puppy, and Rob Paulsen had voiced Pinky in Animaniacs.
  • Jerry Houser, Charlie Adler, and Rob Paulsen also did voices in the direct-to-video sequel Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure. Houser voiced Mr. Zuckerman and additional voices; Adler voiced Templeton and Lurvy; and Paulsen voiced the villainous fox Farley, Mr. Arable, and additional voices (see additional information in the "Water Works," "Chem Gems," "Wet and Wild," and "Dog Days" articles).
  • Rob Paulsen and Mark Hamill also did minor voices in the Disney preschool series My Friends Tigger & Pooh (see "Wild Wheels" and "Be Prepared" for additional information).
  • Kevin Michael Richardson and Rob Paulsen voiced Gantu and Reuben (Exp. 625) in Lilo & Stitch: The Series, while Grey DeLisle voiced either Baby Nani ("Babyfier") or Teenage Mertle Edmonds ("Skip") (see "Medicine Mix-Up" for more information).
  • Jerry Houser, Mark Hamill, Charlie Adler, and Rob Paulsen each did voices in the TV series Biker Mice from Mars, but only Paulsen appeared throughout the show, while Adler, Houser, and Hamill each appeared in only one episode.
  • Jonathan Harris and Rob Paulsen did additional voices in the Paddington Bear cartoon series, while Charlie Adler, Harris's replacement as the voice of Savo, did the titular protagonist's voice.
  • Jerry Houser, Mark Hamill, and Charlie Adler all did voices in the Flintstones special Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby (as Adult Bamm-Bamm, Slick, and Rocky, respectively) (see additional information in the articles for "Be Prepared" and "Dog Days."
  • Grey DeLisle and Kevin Michael Richardson voiced the Rubbles (and some other characters) in The Flintstones: On the Rocks!, along with John Kassir in minor roles (see the articles for "Dog Days" and "Medicine Mix-Up" for more info.).
  • All mammal members join all missions.
  • Rangers Burt and Gabriela are the only non-mammal members, and the only ones to ever stay behind on certain missions.
  • Rangers Sully and Squeeky share the same first and last letters in their names.
    • However, Kitty has the same-last-letter and same-last-sound as they do in her name.