"Come Home Captain Safety" is one of the season 2 cancelled episodes of Danger Rangers.

Because this was cancelled, everything listed is only hypothetical.

(Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's.)

Synopsis Edit

The Danger Rangers' all time favorite hero, Captain Safety was kidnapped by Henri Ennui. He is taken hostage. So the Danger Rangers search for him all over the United States to bring him home safely.

Plot Edit

The Danger Rangers are being interviewed by a talent scout when suddenly, they saw their idol, Captain Safety walks past. They rushed over to meet him. A modest Captain Safety welcomed them warmly and instantly knows who they are. In the midst of the excitement, Henri Ennui plans to kidnap Captain Safety and use him for his latest experiment. After the kidnapping has begun, some kids, who were Junior Danger Rangers saw it and report them to the Danger Rangers. SAVO instantly says "Danger Alert!" and the Danger Rangers deploy with their Ranger Van. Once they catch up to Henri Ennui, Sully tells Kitty to carry Henrik to stop him using her harness on her Kitty-copter. "What do you say, Henrik?" Kitty asks. "Ready to go for a ride?" "Ja!" Henrik shouts happily. "Let's do it, Kitty! I have some major reindeer power!" Then Savo instructs him to use his cables to stop Henri Ennui. "Use your cables, Ranger Henrik. This will be a good time to stop that culprit!" Henrik agrees and launches his cables, quickly stopping a fleeing Henri Ennui. "Great work, Henrik!" Sully says. "You sure got the right stuff!" "Tack. Thank you, Sully!" Henrik replies. "Just doing my job, ja?" "You sure are." Sully agrees.

Captain Safety is saved, so (?).

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Characters Edit

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  • The Danger Rangers themselves
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Transcript Edit

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Chapter 1

Captain Safety: Hey look, it's the Danger Rangers!

Sully: Captain Safety, is that really you?

Henrik: Wunderbar! You are really here!

Squeeky: No way! I'm a huge fan of youse!

SAVO: You can say that again, Squeaky.

Kitty: Wow! Captain Safety is the best.

Burble: Yeah and he will help us demonstrate recreational safety to the kids.

Burt: My latest invention is going to be a blast. I call it the Globe Tracker 4000

Fallbot: Super cool, Burt.

Gabriela: Yes, it's going to be a keeper.

Sully: So, Captain Safety, ready for the demonstration?

Captain Safety: Of course I am, Ranger Sully.

Kitty: Great! Let's get started.

Chapter 2

Kids: (?)

Villain, like, Henri: (?)






Captain Safety:







Chapter 3




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Locations Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Captain Safety hums "Places Not to Play".
  • Henrik and Squeaky did a fist bump.

Gallery Edit

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