Chancy McSpill is the main antagonist of the episode "Go Games." He is a yellow moose from Aberdeanshire, Scotland. He wears an orange T-shirt and a kilt, and blue socks, but he doesn't wear shoes. (Or, his shoes are the same color as his socks.)

The bad things about Chancy are that aside from never wearing safety gear while skateboarding, his villainy consists of loosening Talya Mendoza's bike's back wheel, taking glue from his Uncle McKenzie's glue factory, only to get Sully and Kitty's feet stuck in the glue in the process, and then having his toady Duncan cheat in the Go Games so he can win, but unknown to them, Talya uses Burt's hovercam to expose the cheaters.

Chancy and Duncan are disqualified and learn their lesson; however, they are given another chance to participate, but not without a survey before every event.

Chancy is voiced by Rob Paulsen (the voice of Squeeky).

Appearances Edit

  • Go Games (first appearance)


Chancy chased

Chancy trying to escape Rangers Sully and Kitty on a skateboard.

Chancy McSpill
Chancy skateboarding