Burble Profile Card
Burble is a polar bear and member of the Danger Rangers. He is the heart and soul, power house, and practical joker of the group. Burble is the Recreational Safety Ranger.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a white polar bear with a blue nose and blue eyes.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In one episode, Burble mentions that he had grown up on the streets like his foil, Rusty Ringtail, but they had gone in different directions, as Burble learned safety and Rusty didn't.
  • Like Rangers Sully and Kitty, Burble's childhood is mentioned as having lived in an orphanage before he was adopted.
    • In fact, he is heard speaking during his childhood in "Be Prepared".
      • Nevertheless, Richardson didn't use any higher a voice then than as Adult Burble.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • His favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
  • Like Kitty, Burble is good at water-skiing without water skis, as shown in "Water Works".
  • Burble has the most families, as mentioned in "Be Prepared": the Barksters at the Pine Lake Orphanage, a couple who adopted him afterward, and the rest of the Danger Rangers.
  • Burble has a big heart.
  • He is also a trained medic.