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"Bully For You" is a season 2 cancelled episode of the Danger Rangers.

Because this was cancelled, everything listed is only hypothetical.

(Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's.)

Synopsis Edit

The Danger Rangers travel around town to find and talk to victims of bullying. The troublemakers are then confronted and finally they apologize for making fun of people. It turns out that the victim is an official new member of the Danger Rangers, a Swedish small reindeer named Henrik.

Plot Edit

The Danger Rangers are going fishing on a lake. Suddenly, Savo says "Danger Alert! Danger Alert!" Sully asks what the problem is and Savo explains the situation, a small reindeer was being bullied by a gang of hooligans. The Danger Rangers didn't waste any more time to stop the hooligans.

Once the Danger Rangers reached up to Henrik, he thanks them and explains that the bullies stole his backpack and made fun of him because of his Swedish accent. Kitty suggests that Henrik should stand up for himself and get his backpack back. Meanwhile, Henrik's backpack was still being carried by the troublemakers.

Meanwhile, the troublemakers are going to make big and wicked plans to sell Henrik's backpack. They will sell it to Henrik's hometown in Stockholm, Sweden. As Savo scans this, he alerts the Danger Rangers about the evil plan. He tells them that they should travel around town to find and talk to other bully victims. The Danger Rangers are off to complete their mission.

Most people are happy to talk to the Danger Rangers and explains each of their situation to them. The Danger Rangers give various advice for each victim. All the advice are very helpful and the people thank the Danger Rangers and Henrik. Burble tells the people to speak up whenever people bothers them. Sharing their feelings always make them feel better.

In the end, Henrik will be an honorary new member of the team.

Characters Edit

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  • The Danger Rangers themselves
  • Sparky
  • Worley
  • Eddie
  • Joey
  • Chancy McSpill
  • Duncan
  • Lil
  • Talya Mendoza
  • Miko
  • Matt
  • Angela
  • Eddie
  • Bobby
  • Billy
  • Brutus
  • Andy

Songs Edit

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  • It's High Way or the Hard Way
  • False Alarms (appeared in (what?))

Burt's Invention Edit

  • Bully Repellent

Machine Edit

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Miscellaneous Edit

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Transcript Edit

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Chapter 1

Henrik: (?)

Bad guy: (?)

Henrik: (?)

Bad guy: (?)

SAVO: (?)

Burt: (?)

Sully: (?)

Kitty: (?)

Squeeky: (?)

SAVO: (?)

Burble: (?)

Burt: (?)

Gabriela: (?)

Fallbot: (?)

Henrik: (?)

All: We hereby award you, Henrik, for official member of Danger Rangers.

Relevant Lessons Not Taught Edit

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Locations Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Henrik.
  • The Danger Rangers make Henrik an honorary member of their team.
  • Henrik loves to help people.

Gallery Edit

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