"Baywatch Rangers 2: Save the Lighthouse!" is a season 3 episode of Danger Rangers


When the bulb in the lighthouse goes out, the Danger Rangers battle the clock and thick fog in their water rescue gear once again as they try to fix the lighthouse light in time.


The episode begins with the Danger Rangers relaxing on the beach once again. They wore each of their red swimwear. Henrik is busy cooking up the Danger Rangers' lunch at the beach. He flips some patties. The Danger Rangers know that they're going to have Beach Burgers.

Meanwhile, Jose, Mickey and Kareen were watching things inside the lighthouse. Suddenly, they were all blinded by a fog that passes by. Jose decides to call for help using his cellphone.

After Sully receives Jose's call, he summons the rest of the team to beach headquarters. They suit up in their water rescue gear once again. Sully gives the orders, he will head out with Squeaky and Henrik riding in Henrik's speedboat. Burble will use his patrol boat to see what is going on around the lighthouse.

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Sully: All this lifeguard duty sure is hardwork!
Kitty: Well at least it's break time for us now. And while waiting for Henrik's Beach Burgers, I can work on my tan.

Squeaky: This is the best beach day ever!

Henrik: Ja, you said it Squeaky! Free surfboards and sandcastles!

Burble: And making sure everyone is safe.

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  • At the beginning of the episode, the Danger Rangers are in their red swimwear. The males wore red swim trunks and Kitty wore a red, strapless one-piece swimsuit