"Baywatch Rangers: Save the Baby Penguin!" is a season 3 episode of Danger Rangers


A baby penguin gets stuck in an iceberg. It's up to the Danger Rangers in their water rescue gear to get him out of the ice as soon as possible.


It was just another day at the beach. The beach is very busy. Frustrated by how busy the beach is, Buck Huckster creates a devious plan so that he can have the beach all by himself.

Meanwhile, a baby penguin is being fed by his mother. Suddenly, the iceberg beneath them cracks and seperates the baby penguin from his mother. Now the baby penguin was washed ashore to the beach and was totally stuck in his part of the cracked iceberg. To make matters worse, Buck Huckster has created a mechanical orca to feast on the baby penguin.

Meanwhile, Kitty was on surveillance observing the beach via the security cameras when she saw what happened through one of them. So she alerted Savo and the rest of the Danger Rangers to meet her at Beach headquarters. As soon as the Danger Rangers were dressed up in their water rescue gear, Kitty assigns Sully and herself to help tell the baby penguin to leave the area where the orca was swimming using their megaphones. Squeaky will use his net launcher to catch the orca. Burt will use his parasail to fly avoiding the orca.

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  • This episode is a reference to the show, "Baywatch"
  • The Danger Rangers have new lifeguard gear. They also have advanced outfits.
  • Kitty uses her megaphone for the second time. The first time was in "The Great Race"

Burble swims like a real polar bear for the first time.