The Background Trio are a trio of singing female cats who never appear in any of the stories proper, only in certain song segments. They back
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up certain Danger Rangers in song. Because all three sing in unison, and neither speaks, it is unknown which real-life background singer voiced which cat.

This is how the following members are usually described:

  1. Hot pink fur, white medical dress with collar, and nurse's hat with red cross.
  2. Slightly brownish-gray fur (though in the "Wheels" segment, sometimes her fur keeps changing to a lighter pink than the medical one's fur), blue police outfit with short sleeves and pant legs, black tie, and hat.
  3. Orange fur with black stripes, yellow firefighter's coat and hat.

Neither member wears any gloves, shoes, or socks with her outfit. Exceptions are when either the police or fire member wears roller skates in the "Wheels" song segment.

Additionally, no matter what direction they go in, they usually go in the order (from left to right), from the medical cat to the fire one, with few exceptions.

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